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The Muse calls to me again. I see the images she shows and hear her voice drawing the words from me. I know what all the writers before me knew. My heart beat echo’s the rhapsode’s rhythm. I sit calmly, impatiently writing. I don’t comprehend how my ancestral brethren wrote with quill pends with her voice urging them, but I fully understand how my namesake was driven to create the new scroll for his typewriter.

She speaks. I write. All is well in the Universe.


we wear pink.

I Voted

I voted because I want to be part of the political process. I voted to support the people who will best represent me and my views. I voted because one vote — even mine — does make a difference. I voted in a show of both solidarity and defiance. I voted not because I was filled with hope or enthusiasm but because neither of those things are really part of my political zeitgeist right now. I voted because I was raised to believe that those who don’t vote can’t complain about the government. I voted because that’s what mature people do as part of living in a free society. I’m Jack. I’m American. And I voted.

 Gotta remember

to do this on my way to work!


I found out that I have another bonus coming. A project I did saved the company about $87K, so my manager nominated me for a STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) Award. There is cash component to it albeit only a small fraction of the savings. I’m not complaining though, and I can use the money. Seriously, can’t almost everyone use more money than they have. I mean, you can never be too rich or too thin. Right?

In other news, I bought and started using a Fitbit. It’s a cool little thing, and for the most part it’s pretty accurate. The one place that it’s completely wrong is for floors climbed. Granted I do take the stairs up one floor at work, and to come into my apartment, I have two flights of steps. However, there is no way I’m climbing 87 floors. I don’t even know if you calculated the heights from the elevator rides if it would come to 87 floors. I mean I work on the 6th.

And I really do enjoy listening to Well-Strung’s covers.

Well StrungI’m not sure how I haven’t heard of the quartet Well-Strung before, but the important thing is that I now know of them, have bought some of their music, and thoroughly enjoy it. To be honest, I don’t even know how I heard of the group. I do recall listening to about ten seconds before buying the entire album. They aren’t replacing Springsteen or Prydein. It’s just a different take on the music I enjoy.

Yes, I use that title quite frequently, but I only use it when it’s a rainy day. And even then only when it’s pertinent to my tale.

It seems like I’ve been in the rain all day. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so I had to do labs this morning. Yes, it was pouring rain as I waited for the bus Downtown and the bus to the doctor’s office. Then it rained as I was walking back to work. Some how I missed the rain on my way to the actual appointment, but one my way home (to the bus stop and during the wait) there was pouring rain. While I have a huge umbrella, I couldn’t help but get damp just from the ambient humidity.

So the clothes and umbrella are drying, and I’m fresh out of a hot shower. I think I’ll fix a nice rum and Coca-cola, watch a little television, and head to bed.

Red Barber ChairFor a couple of years I’ve been looking for a new barber. There’s a place that I love, but its popularity is phenomenal. They don’t take appointments, so there is always at least an hour to wait. Typically, I either go very early on Saturday morning or take a PTO day.  At times when that isn’t convenient, which is often, I do one of the chain places in a strip mall close to my home. It’s always adequate but never great.

About a month ago, there was a silent auction at work, and among the many treasures (real and only in the eyes of the donor) was a set up for a barber shop that I’ve heard of but not visited. The package was a haircut and some product. Long and dramatic story short, I won the prize. Today was my appointment.

The shop is in the gentrified part of town known as NuLu (hate the spelling BTW). It’s large, airy, shares a patio with the beer store next door, and you’re welcome to sit out back and enjoy a brew. Alas, I has to return to work. #sadface I was very pleased with the service, love the cut, and honestly think I’ve found my new barber shop. Oh and I REALLY love the product. Depending on the price, I may keep a supply on hand. Okay, let’s get real. I’m one of those Bears who has more hygiene products that some drug stores, so I’ll be keeping some aroung.

At any rate, Market Street Barbers, I think you have a new regular.

National Masturbation Month


Well, I did say that there would be some re-posts, and I didn’t lie. Plus it’s National Masturbation Month, and like Green Day says:

“When masturbation’s lost its fun you’re fuckin’ lonely.”